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How to Create a Website

How to create a website

Below is an detailed Article on “How to create a website”. This blog will help you take decisions and move ahead with your website and be successful.

Introduction to websites

In this modern age of technology who doesn’t want his/her own website? Owning a website is not anymore a big deal. A website helps you achieve your goal, a website can be a blog, a online store, a corporate website or anything. We have written this guide which will help you create your own website very easily, below are few ways by which you can create a website. By following this way you will be successful in creating your dream website.

Requirements for creating website

  • Domain Name

    How to create a Website

A Domain name is a unique name that is given to your website. A domain name has a TLD at the end. This is an example of Domain Name “”. By this domain name a user is able to identify & reach your website. A Domain name needs to be purchased on annual basis, the cheapest domain is available on godaddy for 0.99$ for 1st year*.

Domain Name Providers:

Provider NameAverage CostLink
Godaddy0.99$ 1st Yearclick me
Namecheap9.99$ click me

  • Web Hosting
    How to create a Website

    A Web Hosting is a place where all your website’s files are stores on the internet. Whenever a user visits your website, he/she can browse through the content on your web host, for e.g. html pages or images. We have to buy web hosting in a monthly or annual basis. The web hosting comes with a cpanel through which you can manage your websites like Managing domains, File Manager, FTP details, SSH Access, Web Mail etc. There are free hosting providers out there too, I would recommend you to use a paid hosting, I will tell you the reason in later articles.


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    Web Hosting Providers

    Provider NameAverage CostLink
    Hostinger1.47$/mo* Onlyclick me
    Bluehost3.95$/mo Onlyclick me
    Inmotion5.99$/mo*click me
    iPage$1.99/mo* Onlyclick me
    hostgator3.95$/mo Onlyclick me

Domain and webhosting are the basic requirement of every website. Lets move on ahead with this guide.

Content Management System or Coding it yourself
(To create a website)

1. Content Management System is an Application which helps us create, manage, publish content on our website. It helps us creating and customizing our website on the internet. There are many CMS in the market, out of which the most popular One is WordPress.
Few Name Of CMS’s: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
E-Commerce CMS’s: Opencart, Magento, Shopify etc
How to create a Website

WordPress is a very popular CMS platform. Due to its vast community and perfect Documentation it is attracted by most of the people. You can increase its functionality through over 50,000 plugins. Similarly you can customize its design and layout thorugh Themes. There are both paid and free versions of plugins and theme. I would recommend you to use the free versions first and then upgrade to paid as required.

Read out article on How to Create a WordPress Website

2. Coding it yourself, you can create your own website in html or in any other language and then later upload all the files on the web hosting provider.

How to create a Website

I would suggest you to use a content management system, because everything is easy to handle and manage. I will recommend you to use to create your website.

Do it yourself / Hire someone(To Create Website)

Further you can decide whether to create and manage the website by yourself or to hire someone for the job while you relax and monitor the progress.
You can check my website building services here. You can get you website up and running for only 10$*(excluding hosting and domain cost) and in less than 2 days.

Your can further choose a link to proceed.

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