How to Create a Blog with WordPress | Step By Step Tutorial | Updated!!!


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Welcome to my guide on “How to Create a Blog with WordPress”. This guide will surely help you start your online blog and share your content and experience on the internet. After reading this guide you will find that creating a blog is not at all difficult for you. You can also earn money side by side while managing your blog.

Do Check Our Guide on How to Create a Website To get an Idea of creating a website, which will let you understand this guide more better and efficiently.

We will be using WordPress, Which is a popular and easy to manage content management system. Also, it is very easy to use WordPress and learn its features. In this tutorial, we will start by registering a domain then buying a hosting, then installing WordPress through an easy software installer, and then writing our first blog post.

So Let’s start this Awesome Guide. Are You Ready? Let’s Begin…

Register a Domain

how to create a blog

For creating any blog or website a domain name is the most important thing. It gives a unique identity to your blog and makes it easy for people to find your blog in the Ocean of Internet. Registering a Domain does not require any rocket science knowledge. Just go to GoDaddy, One of the most reliable and cheap domain providers on the internet. Create an Account if you don’t have it already. Then Register a domain and buy it. I would recommend you to buy it for 1 year.
Here is the List of some good Domain Name Providers on the Internet:

Provider NameAverage CostLink
Godaddy0.99$ 1st Yearclick me
Namecheap9.99$ click me

Get a Web Hosting

Another basic requirement of creating a blog or website is Web Hosting. A Web Hosting is a place where all your website’s files are stored on the internet. Whenever a user visits your website, he/she can browse through the content on your web host, for e.g. HTML pages or images stored on the host. We have to buy web hosting on a monthly or annual basis. The web hosting comes with a cpanel through which you can manage your websites like Managing domains, File Manager, FTP details, SSH Access, Web Mail etc.

how to create a blog

I would Recommend you to buy a Web Hosting from Bluehost.
Bluehost gives you with a free domain for 1 year along with the web hosting.
There plan start from just $2.95 per month.

Go to Bluehost

Here is a list of some other web hosting providers (Bluehost is recommended):

Provider NameAverage CostLink
Hostinger1.47$/mo* Onlyclick me
Bluehost3.95$/mo Onlyclick me
Inmotion5.99$/mo*click me
iPage$1.99/mo* Onlyclick me
hostgator3.95$/mo Onlyclick me

Update the Nameservers

After you have both the Domain and Web Hosting its time for updating the nameservers at the domain registrar and connect your domain to the cpanel provided by your web hosting provider.

Name Server Looks like this:

The Next step is to copy the nameservers provided by your web hosting and go to the domain name registrar. Find and Click on manage domains -> Select your domain -> Find and select “Update Name Servers” -> Paste the Name Servers in the fields present there. After that click on update.
how to create a blog

Now Lets Update the Name Servers, Go to Your Cpanel of your Hosting’s and find an option called Add-On Domains and select it, after that you will see a page where there would be an option to put your domain name. Put your Domain Name and click on Add Domain.

how to create a blog

After clicking on Add Domain you should see a Success Message. If you Get an Error Then you should wait some time and add the domain again. Do this till you get a success message like this.

addon domain success

So the Complicated Stuff Has been Completed now, And now the Easy task begins.

Installing WordPress

So the most easy job has come, yes we are actually installing wordpress. Let’s start installing wordpress. Go to Your Cpanel -> Find an Option called softaculous/ App Installer or any other app installing software in the Cpanel, Mostly you will surely find the Softaculous option on the top or at the bottom. Click and Open it, after that it will take you to softaculous Installer page -> Find and Select WordPress.
how to create a blog

These are the steps further…

1. Click on Install
You will get an page with multiple fields and option which will help you create your blog.

2. Software Setup
Here you will select the domain you want to install WordPress, Also you will find a option to set directory name which you have to keep empty(Erase if there is any default value). If you prefer a domain without the “www”.
Wordpress Installation

3. Site Settings
Here You will Name your blog and set a tag line.
4. Admin Account
Here you will set your admin username and password. Also you will set a webmaster/Admin Email here.It is recommended to use a email of your domain. E.g.

5. Click on Install
After that Directly click on Install button below, also put your email in the field below the install button.

6. Done…
We have successfully installed WordPress. Now the Frontend and Backend of your website has been created.
Now we already completed 75% of the work. You get 2 links after installing. The Website link and the Admin panel Link. They Should look like this…

The Front View/ Website view :

Admin Panel/Dashboard View:


Creating our first post for the blog
WordPress Post

In the dashboard you will find a menu on the left. Take your cursor on the posts option and click on Add New. You will get a page where you will have a field to put your title and below that there would be a field to type your content and put images and much more…


Now, Put Your Title -> Type your Content -> Add Media if you want -> Publish.

Successfully Done..

Now you can view your First blog post of your website by clicking on view post that appears on the page after clicking update.

Thank You…

You have successfully created a blog and created your first post. You can customize your website by adding a theme to your website and further increase its functionality. If you liked the Article then please share it with you friends and family and help us grow. Also Check out our Patreon page and support us click here.

The Images in this guide belongs to and no other person/ Company can use it without our permission*.


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