About us

Who are we?

We are a team of tech professionals. We are building guides for over ten years for our readers. We love our readers. That’s why we always try to do our best in providing the best in-depth reviews and articles that will form you an opinion about the discussed products.

Our Process

Before we publish any article or review some products, we gather information about the products presented for more than one week. In this way, we are trying to explain all the cons and the pros of the products that we review or the ones present in our articles.


Adrian loves music, writing, technology, and what we all love: a good-quality coffee. With over ten years of tech content optimization writing under his belt, he has been in the technology industry almost since the beginning.

Cristina is the technical brains behind the implementation of our website. While her work may not be visible to you, we do not doubt that it’s really needed for you to enjoy your readings.